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The Legions of Entropy

What exactly is the appeal of the zombie in contemporary cinema? Be they the brain-famished cannibals of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, the shambling lost souls of Tourneur’s I Walked With a Zombie or the crazed killing machines of Boyle’s 28 Days Later, there seems no end to the march of the resurrected across our cinema screens. Read More »The Legions of Entropy

Hazard Warning

I’m currently working my way through the first four volumes of Pacific Comics’ Johnny Hazard by Frank Robbins, which reprints the daily newspaper strip from its launch on 5 June 1944 (the morning before D-Day, in case anyone needs reminding). Read More »Hazard Warning

Closing the Files

It’s always sad when you’re about to bid farewell to an old friend, and I’m feeling that right now, as I finally catch up with the eight Rockford Files tv movies James Garner co-produced from 1994-99. I’ve viewed the first three so far, and for once, the spirit and flavour of a great tv series has been lovingly recaptured, arguably because virtually everyone involved in these extended adventures worked on the original show. Read More »Closing the Files

The Sound of Gunsmoke (1952-61)

CBS president William S Paley was apparently a fan both of detective fiction and the frontier tales of Louis L’Amour, so it’s not surprising he would be interested in a radio show which combined both genres. What does strike me as a little mystifying is that after producing two unaired pilots in 1949, with Rye Billsbury and Howard Culver both trying out for the role of gritty US marshal Matt Dillon, it took CBS another three years to finally hand the badge to William Conrad. Read More »The Sound of Gunsmoke (1952-61)