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Closing the Files

It’s always sad when you’re about to bid farewell to an old friend, and I’m feeling that right now, as I finally catch up with the eight Rockford Files tv movies James Garner co-produced from 1994-99. I’ve viewed the first three so far, and for once, the spirit and flavour of a great tv series has been lovingly recaptured, arguably because virtually everyone involved in these extended adventures worked on the original show. Read More »Closing the Files

Star Trek Hits UK TV, 12 July 1969

Star Trek finally arrived on British television screens at 5:15pm on Saturday, 12 July 1969, five weeks after its final episode aired in the US, and I was lucky enough to catch the premiere episode, ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’. To quote from that week’s Radio Times, which appropriately featured a cover publicising the imminent Apollo 11 lunar mission: “Today the moon – tomorrow the cosmos? The first is fact, the second is so far fiction. Nevertheless this new adventure series looks forward to a not-too-distant future when man will be exploring and colonising the worlds beyond us.” Read More »Star Trek Hits UK TV, 12 July 1969